Our Board

Board of Directors


Terri Davis 

President Elect

Vice President
Heidi Oppegard

Rachel Proper

Rachel Proper

Board Members 

  • Pam Kerr
  • Joan Day
  • Visher Shinault
  • Trip McCrory

Committee Chairs

Smart Start/OPSR - Angie Clayton

Child Care Advisory - Terri Davis

Membership/Networking - Visher Shinault

CECPD/Professional Development - Pam Kerr

Marketing - OPEN

Legislative - Rick Kerr

Conference - Gabby Moon & Trip McCrory

Legislative Liason - Gus Blackwell

Office Staff

3632 NW 51st Street, Suite 208
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
TEL:  800 580-4181
FAX:  405- 942-0762
E-mail: [email protected]


Mailing Address

P.O.Box 2485
Oklahoma City, OK 73101

[email protected]

Oklahoma Child Care Association P.O.Box 2485 OKC, OK 73101 1-800-580-4181 [email protected]
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